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Also, test your love compatibility between star signs and names. GaneshaSpeaks Yearly Horoscope - Read what unfolds for your zodiac sign, a detailed guide on life, career, business,love and relationship for Hello Horoscopes - Read your yearly horoscope for both your rising and sun signs. Indian Astrology - horoscopes and astrology report based on your moon sign.

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Sexual Astrology - Get your comprehensive astrological forecast for the year of Sexual Astrology is devoted to lovers of astrology with specific reference to love and sex. The Astrologer - Get your dose of yearly insight by Kelli Fox. Find the tone of the year so you have all the information you need to plan ahead. Tracey L. Rogers formerly Randomness of Rudy provides you with your horoscopes. Visit the site for updates and more! Forecaster Your Forecaster details the movements of the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars - known as the personal inner planets - that signify variations in your level of vitality and your feelings, what you value most as well the way you think and assert yourself.

Events therefore occur in differing ways according to the natal planet positions outlined in your birth chart. Celebrity Sample Try Free Sample. About Libra Librans are good at relationships. Ruled by Venus, they are charming, thoughtful and diplomatic, always remembering to pay compliments, buy anniversary presents and open the car door. Easy going Librans like everything to run smoothly, and hate discord. People with this star prominent and well aspected are exceptionally gifted intellectually. It is also supposed to convey refined manners. As Castor is related to horses, Capella is related to goats, by some called the Little She-goat.

She is sextile the Moon and trine the Sun, a fire and air combination. These aspects are classically favorable giving opportunity and ease. Do your best, be a bit careful, and have fun! Amazing Sequence of World Aspects we are currently part of! As Saturn prepped with demolition, Jupiter will clean out the remaining nest then regroup and prosper.

They will both be happening at once symbolically. You can help or hinder or be hindered and helped! You are the Guardians and will distribute valuable portions of information in potent places where it will do the most good, be effective. We honor your place, for being here this way for us. Libras, we are needing you to help us keep connected in a good way to get this work done! May it go very well with you…. At 1, miles long, it is the largest tributary of the Columbia River, in turn the largest North American river that empties into the Pacific Ocean.

There are three water signs, Cancer — creeks, Scorpio — mighty rivers, Pisces — oceans of the world. Scorpio also rules reptiles and the hisssss factor, Snakes!

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And as the 8th sign, figure 8s, the Mobius loop! Rivers are vital to life. Some rivers are more gentle than others; there are dangerous rapids and magnificent views as we paddle slowly, maybe silently. Some have dramatic seasonal changes, dry or floods. There are areas of little or huge population concentrations at certain locations. Mercury in Scorpio enjoys solitude and intensity. The Mercury retrograde cycle offers a taste of three phases in its retrograde direction shifts. Those shifts bring visual changes as the planets progress with it.

We see things from an opposite point of view and the planets around us are moving to new positions, people are changing. We work toward resolution, establishment of successful new ground. We get three chances, thank goodness! Phase 1 starts Oct 11 Mercury retrogrades Halloween, Oct 31! He turns direct, forward Nov 20 and finishes the three phases Dec 7. It starts at 11 Scorpio 35, retrogrades at 27 Scorpio Mercury is the planet of the Mind, thinking, our attention, our breath, how we learn to learn, communication skills, gathering data, a hand shake, the laying on of hands.

All of these are essential. Scorpio concerns our deeper thoughts, the causes underlying our symptoms, our reasons for choosing to live. It too wants to communicate, like a therapist, healer shaman, to remove the pain under the crust of suffering. Sexuality, sexual organs and eliminatory matters may concern us. Obsessions and compulsions, extremes of behavior can be a challenge.

Scorpio cares so deeply, till death do us part. Monies matter. Incorporating, merging funds can make so many more things possible. Scorpio is a super strong sign, can endure extremes, heals miraculously, practically comes back from death to renewed life! Every Retrograde is unique! As time goes on, the planetary backdrop changes.

Context shifts. Most important are any major outer planetary combinations that happen just before, during or immediately after a retrograde cycle. The planetary connections Mercury makes during the retrograde cycle, especially the ones that repeat, flavor the cycle. See your astrologer!

This time is super unique! The Stations! Mercury makes three repeated aspects during its retrograde cycle. Also check out how Scorpio sits in your chart — we all have Scorpio. Things go more smoothly with other water signs Cancer and Pisces, earth signs Virgo and Capricorn. The wild dynamics of retrograde cycles are, as viewed from Earth , they go forward, backward, then forward over the same ground three, if outer planets sometime five, times! Mercury retrogrades 3 to 4 times a year.

Celebrity astrologer reveals what 12222 is set to bring for every star sign

Mercury actually spends little time retrograde. The good part is where people have retrograde planets they often have a special skill. The most successful Corporations often have a lot of retrograde planets — they keep working it until they are best, and they keep working it as time goes on. They keep up! Check out your own chart and the charts of babies born during Mercury retrograde! Different directions, different views. Inward river bends give us time to pause, hold steady, slow down.

Outward river bends extend our vision of potentials. Being with water shows us natural flow, keeps our Spirit fluid, makes us aware of deeper channels within us. Each turn gives us time to think, recalibrate, prepare for the next stretch. Scorpio can feel clean again, refreshed. Potential is remembered and we are rededicated. Escrows can fall through.

Use experienced brokers. The dog ate it. Your computer has a snit. Or you do, LOL! You lose your cell. You get lost, turned around. Be sure the company is legitimate before you deal. Date and sign any contract changes and make sure they do too. If you must make arrangements during the Rx, review it after the cycle is finished and see if you still feel the same way.

Get the insurance. Scorpio is an intimate sign. Likely better to wait to share secrets, have first time sex until at least the retrograde is over. Projects, certain alliances, or therapies may depend on confidentiality. Oh, and things lost previously are sometimes are found, or if lost this retrograde, are found during the next retrograde! Do check with your astrologer for your good dates and times of day to make the best of it! Speak good words, think good thoughts, do good deeds. Pay it forward.

September 3, by Cerena Childress. Melt down, heat up, change shape. Make beauty! The conjunction will happen during an uncommon 3 outer planets stellium in Capricorn! These profound events were during Sun in Scorpio, Mercury retrograde in Scorpio. The transmissions were taken in deeply, churned like good butter. Sun in Sagittarius thinks them over and the entry of Jupiter into Capricorn is different this time. That will make 3 outer planets in Capricorn until Saturn enters Aquarius March 31, !

Saturn with Pluto occurs on average every 34 years. The conjunction occurs in another Capricorn 5 Planet Stellium. Saturn takes away blockages, makes sure there is safe passage, presides over the crossroads to help make the best choices.

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He helps us over the thresholds when we are in doubt. If there is no road, Saturn builds one. Saturn himself will be changed. He will be cleared while he is with Pluto. A lot of time is lost on worries and false burdens. Pluto helps him see to let those go. The rest of us with factors in other signs, but at those degrees, will have related experiences, be the support team. Pluto wants to clean up, have power with integrity, make the deepest bonds possible with all Beings. Capricorn is established business and government.

If they have not evolved with principles of current time, they are being and about to be further updated. Financially it could be our worst fears, depression-like circumstances. Gird your loins! Put your money in a safe place. Be ready to make bargain investments or help others who are struggling. It will be a challenge. Resources become finite as more people populate the planet.

That 29th degree is not always pat.


It is taking its talents with it, but what to do next? There is a sense of urgency because the change is upon us. It is a crossroads of a sort, the vital choice to be made determining our future. Mars conjuncts Jupiter the day before, March 20! He will make things pop right now, big! There will be maximum impetus, like a Rocket!

You have to be there to see the whole Truth! A new journey has begun! There will be no doubt this time! The energy will be exponential, and it will also take decades to unfold! Those of you with late degree factors in your charts will feel it, believe me. The more factors you have that are activated, the more complex, intense, it will be.

Horoscopes by Jamie Partridge

The other Earth signs Taurus and Virgo, and water signs Scorpio and Pisces, will put it to good uses. Other cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra, fire signs Leo and Sagittarius, and air signs Gemini and Aquarius, may face powerful challenges. See your astrologer, start planning and preparing now, make it count! Pluto burns deeply within us, molten, Kundalini flaming at core.

Fire is always a revolution of some sort, rules to be broken, new ones to rise cleanly in their place! It detoxifies waste, disease, poisons, a tarnished Spirit. Some of that is out of fear, some was just what it grew up with, or a genetic misery possibly born of past karma. Usually it takes some kind of a revelationary experience, even a near-death experience, to turn the tables. Repeatedly challenging negative behavior can help. Keep asking questions to keep them focused and thinking. One day the water goes over the dam, and it may be something someone else says that finally tips the scales.

You must do your part so they can get there even if you personally never see the results. Pluto is your private personal organs — sexual and eliminatory. Take care of them. Attractions need to be appropriate. It can help. Respect, appreciation, celebrating you, and spiritual tantric sex are so much sweeter. Get help if you need it, from people who know what to do. Saturn, unlike Jupiter, is a contraction planet! It makes things smaller, possibly more concentrated and potent.

If you are doing micro parts that cool. If it is your paycheck or investments, it could be bankruptcy.

There was no inheritance or a pittance, or tied up in court. It makes water into ice. Your house is cold or old. It can make you tired and vulnerable to poor health. You feel old ahead of your time. On the other hand, if we can shrink that tumor, we are so relieved! Keep watch; see how you can turn the tables. Sometimes Saturn is what is denied, an offer turned down, no job, your manuscript is rejected.

One way or the other you are likely to have a lot more responsibilities that take time away from your hobbies or family time. Requirements may be more and you may feel pressured by someone in authority. You may need more time to prove yourself, but shows you are steadfast and trustworthy. And, god bless, things break. Saturn can bring hardship, prolonged suffering. It can be fear, feeling burdened, guilt, grief, loneliness health matters. Chronic issues wear away at us. Some of us have habitual everything-is-always-bad responses that keep us impotent. If we have addictions, it is hard to see the way.

If you can, get some help. Learn some new solutions. Pluto is a profound Shamanic healer. Does it gain you more to keep your distress — you get attention, etc. Or do you want to heal, get attention for the good things? Knees, bones, skin, teeth! Saturn climbing knees are strong. He knows when to get down and surrender or stand tall for the honor. His skin might be beautiful in spite of hiking outdoors, skiing. This might be time to take minerals to keep your bones strong. Take good care of your teeth.

If Saturn makes a commitment to you, he will do his very best to stand by it. But if a promise or commitment is outlived by changing times and circumstances, you need to rethink it. If it is one you made, see if it can be renegotiated, in fact, put a clause in the contract that offers that option at intervals. If it is a commitment that was made to you, check in from time to time to see if it has become a burden to that person or still happily viable. It takes time to make people adjustments, especially with this aspect. Saturn in its highest sense is the High Priest, holy orders, God, the unquestionable ultimate authority!

It can be rigid or right…or very wrong. It can be a sad affair. At the same time, there are extraordinary martyrs who have given their lives for change, sanctuary is granted, forgiveness of magnitude given, comfort for the ill and broken, upliftment that people can live by and become heroes and heroines. There are the regular everyday women and men who encourage and bring food to those housebound. Saturn is a realist. Pluto tries to hide sometimes, but there is evidence, one way or the other. Pluto may have been creatively managing the funds, but Saturn and Capricorn are the law and in time will find out.

Working together legitimately they can build secure funds from an incredibly small start. Capricorn watches cycles. Pluto listens well and can tell when there are possibilities. Have a third party come in randomly from time to time to check the books. Saturn may bind and blind certain channels shut. If Pluto has been misbehaving, Saturn will help him slow down, make corrections, save the day.

Saturn may use his upstanding reputation in your behalf or to smirch or steal your reputation. This can be hard to overcome. Sometimes you wait until their true self is revealed, or you move far, far away and start over. Keep yourself clean in body, mind and Spirit during this time. Stay with your integrity and morality. Avoid chancy behavior no matter how curious you are about what might happen and you just want to see. This time there could be more serious consequences. Keep your security systems working well.

Be in a safe place. People who are hurting from hate are likely to be triggered around this time. Socially, economically, politically, there will be some far reaching events in the news. They have either been long in the making, or will take long to make. There will be bad news and good news. Social Security and Medicare could come up. Fossil fuel. Protests against big business. Hate crimes. There will be stories of life saving, incredible healing, cures, amazing lifetime accomplishments. Some are extremely predicting the end of the world, government as we now know it at least.

This aspect happens on average every 34 years. Powerful change is afoot. Issues in January and March will play strongly then. The election precedes Jupiter conjunct Pluto, the final time, Nov Jupiter is a great optimist and planner. What Saturn starts, Jupiter will finesse with super plans! The winning candidate may promise much better times to come, transparency. Forge your life well! August 25, by Cerena Childress. Uranus rolls on its rings and, like Venus, turns retrograde!

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This image uses color filters. For you Astrology Lovers , this Uranian sequence is irresistible to write about! Uranus is THE planet of astrology, rules electronics of all kinds, networking, humanity, evolution, genius and insanity, sudden changes. But this time, with trines, things will come a bit easier. Organize for positive change!


Take advantage of this time, and have fun! See more about Uranus in Taurus! Great new associates! Get an astrology reading! New friend, new love! Sun is Solar; Uranus is Lightning! Now I see… Humanity is tingling, personal awakening is happening! Most unusual, personally intriguing, intriguing person. Strange, but I like it. Online buy newfangled kitchen electronics. A rare recipe; cooking class.

Family, culture is changing. An odd investment works. A friend comes home. Moon conjunctions the 30th! Moon to Venus — Feeling your Beauty, making your home sweet and pretty! The August 30 New SuperMoon, the closest of our three SuperMoons in a row, will have all five inner planets in Virgo , a five planet last of summer, back to school, stellium! The Stellium starts late afternoon the 29th Pacific time. At the SuperMoon it will be a tight line up at 2, 6, 6, 7 and 11 degrees! Electric attention! Hearing in a totally new way. Laying on of hands. Talk with your bestie! Support an invention or research project.

See your astrologer to see if the timing is right for you or not. August 23, by Cerena Childress. Some of our most brilliant humans are Virgos. We see from his chart that he loves that work, Venus in Virgo is retrograding back to opposite Saturn, bones and metal, the mechanics of building. That Saturn is in Pisces, the sign of compassion for things broken. He made a lot of money.

Libra 12222 -2020 Astrology Annual Forecast

Jupiter in Scorpio is lucky with big money and so is Sun sextile Pluto! As of August , net worth 6. He lives in Wilson, Wyoming, a modern cowboy! He has Mars in Sagittarius, a visionary fighter for long term success! He fights for our future! No matter what time of day he was born, his Moon is in Gemini — another Mercury sign, the sign opposite Sagittarius. Gemini will spread the word to anyone who will listen, right at hand, while that Mars is far reaching and wants to get to the point.

Mother Moon is his ally. His Mercury is in Libra, the ambassador seeking collaboration and justice. See more about this man. Birth time Unknown, calculated for Noon, 0 Aries Ascendant selected. The amazing quilts of Velda Newman! Stand in awe. Extraordinarily it is hand stitched and hand quilted! June 16 and 18 Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune were together again, closely and retrograde this time. The transmissions are taken in deeply, churned like good butter. Sharing awards is an honor and pleasure! Jupiter can make bigger bad.

The aspects will hold be potent at 21 to 26 Capricorn. But this time it will be 50 years before three outer planets will be in a same sign again, and it will be potent right from the start! Yet, Aquarius carries on the good work for all the world and Saturn has more business than ever! Aquarius will expand your business, mission, if you let the change work for you. Chinese Dongyang wood carving , sculpting, the epitome of elegance and handmade beauty. Contemporary Virgo lives may be full of creative fascinations! Consummate artists of Intricacy — wood cabinets, intricate boxes, hobby horses, shelving, carving.

Stunning art weaving, quilts, puzzles and pieces and tiles. Renowned jewelries. Designer clothing! Their gifts to us are beyond measure! May your everyday life be filled with incredible 3 Dimensional beauty… Be the curator? Neptune and Virgo are of opposite deportment. Pisces has no particular boundaries, no wave in the ocean the same, mists and molecules in random unpredictable inexplicable distribution.

Each is uncanny in its awareness and accuracy but for completely different reasons and means. Neptune is so haunting or connected that Virgo writes the music, note by precious note, so to share this beauty with others.

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Virgo is the epitome of documentaries and arranging the order of documents! Neptune in Pisces lends the magic, otherwise it might be a bit dry. But if you put a Virgin to work, how juicy can it be, LOL?! Virgo has thought many of these changes have long been needed, likes a great reorg!

The latest technology, faster more accurate results. New friends with more expertise that go for the most exciting results ever! These are challenges that Virgo can get behind! At first everything is an annoying mess and things take longer. A tight reign must be held, priorities managed, people checked on and kept in check! Days could be long and tiring. Must watch your health. Get rest, eat well and keep some regular basics in place.

There will be some losses as old friends fade away, but relief as tedious connections are released as well. Not a lot of time for romance, and it may not stick anyway though it could be great with a sensible friend! Great goals, working together, but those Uranian characters often move on to the next place that needs some adjustments. You might go with them and you might not. Virgo is an adaptable sign, but not like Uranus. Taurus may do a little grounding, but the itch to be on the cutting edge for humanity is always there and that often means not staying home.

Virgo might end up arranging the itinerary, and that may be just fine for both. In Aries, may start his own business and, loving independence, may be reluctant to marry…. Chiron in Aries may come in good will; Virgo has mixed feelings. Like with Uranus there is the upgrade factor, new systems that work better. Chiron is feeling his oats. Chiron is trying on some new healing ingredients and techniques. Virgo is forever the caregiver, nurse, dietitian, looking for the best cures, techniques, foods for improved health.

Virgo cares for all, from babes to elders. Aries loves the babies, so things might get tilted that way for a while. Virgo is ever careful and wants to see it work before making new recommendations. Your income could improve. He will soon be gone. Virgo will be glad for the more relaxed pace and miss him too. The best he offered does work. If he remains in leadership, it may be just challenging enough for him to opt to stay, opening branches, a franchise — always something new!

Be cautious of marriage offers. Aries loves a romantic challenge, but may suddenly lose interest when he thinks you have been conquered and he might lose his independence. If you are looking for long term, Chiron may not be the one while in Aries. Aries may promise, but not be able to do it. Saturn Returns happen every 28 to 29 years.

They can bring you to your knees, or make you bring yourself up to your full height, proud of your achievements! There will be more traditional endeavors. Virgo is quite in favor of Capricorn expectations.