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Property dealers are likely to make a killing. Influencing someone to turn things in your favour may meet with mixed success. Diet and exercise will prove an effective combination in bringing you back in shape.

Good earning opportunities may come your way to make you more financially secure. Travelling to attend an important event is indicated. It is a good day to buy a vehicle or a major item. Given that you are a die-heart romantic, you are likely to please your sweetheart with special plans. But don't live in the fantasy world as problems are likely to surround you everywhere. If you are a businessman, your rivals may give you a hard time.

Take proper care of your health, advises Ganesha. It's the day when you finally decide to declutter - at work and in life.


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Also, you will do everything that it requires to lighten the burden. Ganesha advises you to plan out your career wisely and set targets for the future. You have several bright prospects awaiting you today and you will be able to deal with it all with the financial jugglery that is required. You might be dealing with people who secretly have an ax to grind against you, cautions Ganesha.

Jai Madaan tells us how to deal and what to do if you feel stuck in a relationship. Watch the video to know more. Follow us on :. Wondering what your Saturday looks like?

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Read the astrology prediction for your zodiac sign and find out what challenges, surprises, opportunities and obstacles await you today. What to do if you feel stuck in a relationship?

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How to deal with teenage tantrums? Alarming rise in suicides, Let's talk, help save lives The Urban Debate. DHFL shares tumble 10 per cent to hit week low.

Bengal Warriors vs Tamil Thalaivas: Dream 11 predictions. Goa replaces emergency number '' with ''. Sisters Sonam and Rhea Kapoor enjoy vacay in Maldives. One important thing Juhi Chawla does to fight dry skin. Skip to content Primary Menu Search for: ablas astrology ariese moon sign aquarius today horoscope indastro astrology cancer october 15 october libra tarot reading january 4 cancer horoscope. If you want to be in their lives, try to make them feel like you are interesting, even if all you do is lay in bed and eat homemade Indomie. If you are living this bohemian messy life, then you are basically asking Capricorns to ignore you.

Consider yourself an experiment mouse. Be as nekadeya and dramatic as you can to keep this one around.

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No no, just try to bring your Abla Kamel to the surface. May he never ignore you, and if he does, then you deserve much better than all of his drama! Identity Magazine. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Pinterest. Best Italian Restaurants in Cairo!

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